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Play Area Improvements

Improvements at our Play Areas

cole end park visual

North Warwickshire Borough Council are making exciting new improvements to 3 play areas in the Borough

Cole End Park 

Works at Cole End park will begin on 13th January 2022 and hope to be completed by February 2022.

During the time the work is being carried out access to the play area will be closed, access to the wider park will remain avaliable for as long as possible via the footpath from Old Mill Road.

The new play area wil be suitable for ages 0-13 with specific toddler and junior zones. Visitors will be able to enjoy;

  • A toddler multiplay unit
  • Multi seated seesaw
  • Frog and flower game panel
  • Cocowave swing
  • Spinner bowl
  • Cradle swings
  • 3D ladybird
  • Tipi Carosel
  • Bloqx climbing
  • Balance beans and over and under climbing
  • Rock and spin hopper
  • New picnic bench
  • Two new benches 

A larger plan of the park improvements can be downloaded here:

Works in progress

park works



Cole End Park Nature Reserve - Tree Works

We are proposing to carry out a 'thinning' of the trees where half of the trees are removed in the area identified on the map. A variety of native trees will then be replanted.

The main aims for the project are:

  • Create some structure or 'layers' in the woodland.
  • To lessen the safety liability of the existing large crack willows.
  • To increase the number of species in the work area by replanting to create a more resilient woodland.
  • Increase the amount of valuable deadwood

The aims will be achieved through:

  • Felling to ground level approx. 50 % of the trees in the work area using hand tools.
  • Stacking timber on site (no extraction) to increase this valuable resource.
  • Replanting trees in the work area plus 2 further area.
  • The work will be completed out of the bird nesting season, in January and February 2022.

Works in progess

tree felling



Impacts on residents and mitigation

There will be no timber extraction with vehicles and paths will remain open on the whole site. Felling operations will be restricted to daylight hours, 0730 hours to 1700 hours.


The park and paths will remain open. The paths will be open at all times apart from a few instances where it may be necessary for banksmen to halt walking traffic to ensure safety. Warning notices, temporary barriers and all other appropriate safeguards will be positioned as required in areas where the work is taking place to ensure people's safety.

More information on the scheme and progress of the project will be posted on the Tame Valley Wetlands website ( and on our social media channels. In addition, staff will be on hand during the project to answer questions. If you have any particular comments or queries about the project please email or phone 01675 470917.

The project has the support of North Warwickshire Borough Council's ecologists, tree officers and parks department.

Works map

Cole End - Tree Works

Last updated Tuesday, 15th February 2022

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