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Running Advice

Running Advice - GP, technique, weather, safety

There are a number of running routes in North Warwickshire that are free to use at a time convenient to you and we want to share the following hints and tips on how to stay safe while exercising.

Before you start:

It is important to set a realistic target, if you haven't run for a while or you are returning from injury take the first run at an easy pace to assess where your own fitness levels are. If in doubt consult your GP. If it has been a while since you took exercise perhaps consider starting your new regime with a health walk, details on walking groups around North Warwickshire.

What you will need:

  • Have you got appropriate footwear? - correct running trainers are a must to ensure you have the required grip, support and prevent potential injury. Specialist sports shops are equipped to offer advice on this subject.
  • Will you be seen at night? - high visibility tops/garments are a must for running during dark winter nights, head torches can also be good additions to your running kit to help you check the road ahead is hazard free.

Correct Running Technique:

  • Try to remain as upright as possible focusing on the road ahead (30 to 40 metres)
  • Focus on swinging arms front to back not across the body
  • Lifting the knee's high will help propel you forwards but don't over do it, landing on straight leg can cause injury try to land on a slightly bent leg
  • Aim to land on the middle part of your foot which will provide the most cushioning for each stride

Bad weather:

  • Bad weather doesn't have to stop you running, wet conditions can be challenging but if you  wear thin layers and a waterproof top running in the rain can be fun and feel easier than normal!

Staying safe on our routes:

  • We have designed the routes to keep risks to participants to a minimum there is however a need to cross roads at different points throughout the route. Please be extra vigilant when crossing the road only doing so when you have plenty of time to make the crossing. 

Last updated Wednesday, 28th September 2016

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