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Moles are solitary in their habitats and live almost entirely underground in a tunnel system that may cover an area of 100-1000sq/m but exact size will depend on food availability.

They feed mainly on earthworms but also on other invertebrates including slugs and insect larvae.  Much of the prey is caught when it falls into the tunnel system that acts as a kind of pitfall trap. The mole patrols the tunnel system almost continuously, with activity periods of 4 hours alternating with 3 hours rest.  One of the periods of activity is often just after sunrise and another just before sunset.

The breeding season lasts from February to June and there is usually one litter per year.  After a 4 week gestation period the young are born blind and without fur.  They develop rapidly and leave the nest when they are 5 weeks old.

Initial assessment is free, see Prices below and search for 'Mole' for current cost. Prices are for up to six visits (please be aware the charge is for 6 visits, there are no guarantees that moles will be eradicated). 

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Last updated Thursday, 6th December 2018

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