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House Mice


The house mouse is the most common domestic pest and will nest in partitions, floors, and behind wall boarding. Mice are mainly active at night but can also be active during the day. They usually inhabit a very small area if food is plentiful. Mice are excellent climbers and can climb vertical brick walls. They are not dependent on having a source of water and will normally obtain sufficient moisture from their food.  The life expectancy of a mouse is around one year, during which time a female may breed once a month.  The average size of a litter is five to eight. A female mouse will start producing litters at the age of 2 months.

An adult house mouse weighs about 30 grams (1 ounce) and is about 90mm long (3.5 inches) excluding the tail.  It has brown fur on its back and is grey underneath.  It has fairly large ears in relation to its body and small feet.  the tail alone is roughly the same length as the head and body.  Mice should not be confused with young rats - rats have smaller ears, larger feet and thick tails which are shorter than their body.  Mice are widely distributed throughout urban areas and in farm buildings.  A variety of other mice, shred and small rodents may infest houses but are not usually a serious problem.

Signs of Infestation

Signs to look for are

  • damage caused by gnawing
  • feeding holes
  • smears and droppings.

Mice tend to nibble from the centre of a grain, whilst rats often leave half grains or small pieces of debris. Holes which may be the entrance to a nest, will typically be about 10 mm in diameter and may appear in the ground, in floors, walls and the base of doors. Footprints may be evident in dusty environments.


Mice are particularly difficult to control because of the rate at which they breed and are able to colonise new areas. By ensuring that your premises are in good repair and no food is left around the house or garden you will help to prevent mice from being encouraged into your property.

We DO NOT treat for mice in gardens or sheds.

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Last updated Thursday, 6th December 2018

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