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Animal and pet licensing

Zoo Licence

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Eligibility & Regulation Summary

A summary of the regulations and eligibility criteria for this licence

The following main points and additional information might also be helpful:

In order to issue the licence the authority will inspect the premises and consult other local agencies such as police, fire, planning authority etc.


An application form must be submitted together with the correct licence fee

In addition to this fee, additional expenses will be incurred for vet inspection fees which are compulsory.
This is a renewable licence. The first licence lasts for 4 years. Fresh licences granted to existing holders last for 6 years.

Application Evaluation Process

The decision period to process applications is 42 days and is subject to a vet inspection report.

Will Tacit Consent Apply

Tacit consent will not apply.

Public Register

Some applications may be recorded in a Public Register.

Last updated Friday, 12th April 2019

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