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Heartbeat Awards

What is the Heartbeat Award?

Heartbeat is a National award run by councils and NHS Dieticians given to Caterers who care about food and health and can demonstrate that they:

  • Offer healthy food choices to diners.
  • Have good food hygiene practices in their premises.  

There are 3 different types of Heartbeat Awards:

  • Standard Heartbeat Award - this is awarded to Caterers who have suitable healthy food choices on their menus and have good food hygiene practices and regular staff training.  
  • Heartbeat Award for establishments catering for adults in a care environment - this is a special Award for hospitals and nursing homes who cater for older people.  It shows that the establishment cares about the health of its residents.
  • Heartbeat Award for premises catering for under fives - this is a special Award for nurseries who cater for the under fives. It shows that the establishment cares about the health of its children.

For premises to be eligible for a Heartbeat Award they must have a received a rating of 5 - Very Good in their last food hygiene inspection as well as having healthy food choices.

Last updated Monday, 28th September 2015

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