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Noise in private housing

Advice and Information about noise

Nobody can live without making some noise, and we should not expect never to hear our neighbours. They are likely to hear us from time to time, after all! However, we should all try to behave reasonably, and where noise is concerned this means not making too much or for too long at the wrong times and places. We all need rest and sleep, particularly children.

Report a noise problem

There are no hard and fast time limits for making certain levels of noise. We CAN record noise on special equipment, and measure it on sound level meters, but it will be an Officers professional judgement which decides if it is a nuisance or not.

Some noise complaints are very hard or impossible to 'catch', to get enough evidence to make a decision one way or the other about. If people cannot resolve their own differences of opinion on what is reasonable, making a complaint to the Council CAN provide a solution but CAN ALSO make a poor situation worse in other ways. After all, you may still remain neighbours for many more years, so try not to fall out over something you can resolve happily.

Last updated Thursday, 13th October 2016

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