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Charitable collections licence

Apply for street collections licence

Permission must be granted by the us before a street collection for charitable or philanthropic purposes (money or goods) can take place within the Council's area.

Where can collections take place and what for?

The legislation only allows collections to take place in any street or public place.  Street is defined as including any highway and any public bridge, road, lane, footway, square, court, alley, or passage, whether a thoroughfare or not.
If a shop doorway cannot be sealed off from public access, then for the purposes of the Act, a permit would be required for any collection taking place there, even though the land is privately owned and the owner may have given permission.  A permit is not required to collect inside the shop.

The nature of a street collection allows for the collection of money or the sale of articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, but this is not defined in any way.

The Council do not usually allow more than one street collection to take place on any one day although special arrangements exist in December for undertaking street collections in the town centres.  Please contact the Licensing Section direct for any proposed collections in these areas during December.

We reserve the right to make more detailed enquiries about your application in certain circumstances.  This could include requesting that the applicant or any other person connected with the organisation submits a police check at our request

Application process

Apply online for a licence to carry out a street collection

  • Fee - there is no fee payable
  • Application evaluation process. The decision period to process applications is 28 days. The decision period will not begin until all required information has been received by the Council
  • A return form must be completed following the collection and returned to us.  Returns should be submitted within 28 days of the collection

Eligibility, penalties and regulation summary

Details of the regulations and penalties can be found in  A summary of the regulations and eligibility criteria for this licence in our downloads.

See also the Street Collection Regulations document for conditions covering collections in the Borough in our downloads.

Tacit consent applies to this application. If 'tacit consent' applies it means that an application is automatically approved if a decision is not made within the above decision period.  In all other cases approval can only be obtained following the decision regardless of the time taken.

It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted.

Last updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016

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