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Caravan and camping site licensing

Do I need a licence?

If you operate a caravan or camping site or a have a residential mobile home or park site you must be licensed with the council.

  • A site can range from a single caravan, tent or tourer on a small plot of land to large sites comprising of 100's of units
  • All sites must have planning permission prior to application
  • All licensed sites are annually inspected by the council with some exceptions
  • All sites are subject to conditions which must be complied with at all times
  • Residential mobile homes and park home sites have additional requirements under the Mobile Homes Act 2013

If you are thinking of purchasing an existing site, make sure it complies with existing conditions and that planning permission is in place with the occupancy you need.

Licences are issued under the Caravan sites and Control of Development Act 1960 with some Exemptions

No licence is required for caravan(s) that are being used:

  • in connection with the owners dwelling
  • for temporary building/engineering workers or seasonal agricultural or forestry workers or certified travelling showmen
  • for not more than 2 nights (as long as the caravan(s) has not been present for more than 28 days during the previous year), or
  • for up to 3 caravans on a plot of 5 acres or more for no more than 28 days a year
  • on sites owned by a local authority - like the Travellers site at Alvecote, operated by Warwickshire County Council
  • by exempted organisations such as the Camping and Caravan club operating a club members only policy
  • on Caravan and Camping club (or other exempted organisation) Certified Sites for no more than 5 caravans

No licence for camping (tents only) is required for land used:

  • For not more than 42 days consecutively or 60 days in a year
  • Licences are issued under the Public Health Act 1936

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Last updated Tuesday, 20th February 2018

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