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What is the National Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier?

The national non-domestic rating multiplier is the rate in the pound that is then multiplied by the rateable value of a property to produce the annual rates bill. It is set each year by the Government and cannot rise by more than the increase in the retail prices index, except in a revaluation year.

The multipliers for each financial year from 2005/06 are as follows:

National non-domestic rating multipliers for each financial year from 2000 to 2010 onwards
Financial Year Multiplier
2005/06 42.2p
2006/07 43.3p
2007/08 44.4p
2008/09 46.2p
2009/10 48.5p
2010/11 41.4p
2011/12 43.3p
2012/13 45.8p
2013/14 47.1p
2014/15 48.2p
2015/16 49.3p
2016//17 49.7p
2017/18 47.9p
2018/19 49.3p
2019/20 50.4p
2020/21 51.2p

If the ratepayer qualifies for Small Business Rates Relief they will pay on the following multiplier:

Financial Year Multiplier
2005/06 41.5p
2006/07 42.6p
2007/08 44.1p
2008/09 45.8p
2009/10 48.1p
2010/11 40.7p
2011/12 42.6p
2012/13 45.0p
2013/14 46.2p
2014/15 47.1p
2015/16 48.0p
2016/17 48.4p
2017/18 46.6p
2018/19 48.0p
2019/20 49.1p
2020/21 49.9p

Please note that the multiplier is normally increased by inflation each year. However the Chancellor in his 2013 Autumn Statement reduced the increase in the 2014/15 multipliers to 2% rather than the inflation figure of 3.2%.

Last updated Wednesday, 18th March 2020

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