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May 2023 - Elections

General information for all voters

On 4 May 2023, roughly 48,000 voters will be asked to vote in borough and town/parish council elections.

Not all town/parish councils will have contested elections - so depending on where you live you might not be able to vote in parish elections.

Poll cards will be dispatched around 17 March - and this year will be a folded A4 card if you vote in person or by proxy and an A5 card if you are a postal voter.

All voters at polling stations and proxy voters will need photographic ID to vote on 4 May 2023. Postal voters will be unaffected.

Ballot papers will be WHITE for the borough council elections and GREEN for any contested town/parish council elections.

If you can't make it to your polling station on 4 May - you can apply to vote by post, or apply to vote by proxy

Polling Stations and Candidates in your area

(Please note - information about candidates won't be available until 5 April - as nominations to stand as a councillor are still open)

Information about postal votes

Postal votes will be dispatched around 17 April 2023. You may receive 2 different postal vote packs - if so, you'll need to return both postal vote packs.

All postal voters will receive a postal vote pack for the borough election (white ballot paper) and if the town/parish council election in your area is contested, you will receive a second postal vote for the town/parish election (green ballot paper).

Key deadlines at these elections

Deadline Dates
List of candidates available online 05/04/2023
Deadline to register to vote  17/04/2023
Deadline to apply for a new postal vote, change or cancel a postal vote (5.00pm) 18/04/2023
Deadline to apply for a voter authority certificate (voter ID) (5.00pm) 25/04/2023
Deadline to apply for a proxy vote (5.00pm) 25/04/2023
Deadline to apply for an emergency proxy vote (5.00pm) 04/05/2023
Deadline to apply for a replacement postal vote if lost or spoilt (5.00pm) 04/05/2023
Polling day 04/05/2023

You can also download the full election timetable (pdf)

Official election notices

These links will become live as notices are published:

  • Notice of election for borough elections and parish elections
  • Statement of persons nominated and notice of poll
  • Notice of situation of polling stations
  • Notice of election agents 
  • Declaration of Results

Last updated Tuesday, 28th March 2023

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