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May 2023 - Elections

Support for voters with disabilities

A range of support is available at the polling station for voters with disabilities. 

All polling stations are accessible to wheelchair users, with ramps provided where necessary.

At the polling station you should expect to see the following:

  • Polling booths adapted for wheelchair users and chairs for those who may need to sit down whilst voting
  • Notices in large print, with pictorial guidance on the voting process and how to vote
  • A range of equipment to assist voters, including:
    • magnifier
    • pencil grips and full length pencils
    • tactile voting device for blind or partially sighted voters
    • large hand-held ballot paper which can be taken to the booths to assist you
  • Fully trained staff, wearing badges who can give you support where needed
  • The presiding officer, who can help you fill in your balllot paper if you need help

Support for autistic people and people with learning disabilities

Specific support is available for autistic voters, people with learning disabilities or anyone who might want to use the resources below, provided by the "My Vote, My Voice" campaign:

Taking someone with you to help you vote

If you need support from a friend, colleague or carer to vote, you can bring them with to the polling station.

That person needs to be over 18, and will need to fill in a short form to log that they helped you. 

They could help you read information about the candidates, explain what you need to do or help you get around the polling station.

Alternatively, our polling station staff are trained to give you support if you need it. Just ask the people at the desk.

Further help and advice

If you want to know more about what we are doing to make polling stations more accessible to all, please email us or call 01827 719222.

Last updated Thursday, 16th March 2023

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