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Nether Whitacre Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Following a recommendation from the independent examiner, the council has agreed to hold a referendum on the proposed neighbourhood plan for Nether Whitacre.

Local residents will be asked if they want the borough council to use the neighbourhood plan when deciding planning applications in the area.

Residents will be asked:

“Do you want North Warwickshire Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Nether Whitacre to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

The referendum requires a simple majority of voters in Nether Whitacre to vote "yes" in order for the referendum to be passed.

Key Information for this referendum

  • All residents living in the Nether Whitacre parish area who are registered to vote by 28 November 2023 wil be able to vote in this referendum.
  • Anyone voting in person will need to present photo ID before being issued with a ballot paper.
  • There is only 1 polling station for this referendum, at Nether Whitacre church hall
  • Residents with a long-standing postal vote will receive a postal vote for this referendum, on/around 20 November 2023
  • Anyone wishing to apply to vote by post will need to apply by 29 November, and anyone wishing to appoint a proxy will have to do by 6 December 2023.

Further Information/Downloads

Last updated Tuesday, 28th November 2023

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