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Council House and Old Bank House

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Overview of Buildings

North Warwickshire Borough Council has two buildings - Old Bank House (offices - not open to the public now) and the Council House, which houses our One Stop Shop, Civic suite and some offices.

The Council House is a 3 storey, redbrick building, which is DDA compliant on the ground floor where the One Stop Shop, Civic suite and contact centres are.

The Council House is bounded by South Street, Woolpack Way to the rear, Long Street and Supermarket Car Park to the front. In front of the entrance to the Council House, and between the Council House and the Supermarket's car park, is a walled and a sensory garden with benches.

How to get into the Council House

There are two entrances to the Council House.

Main Entrance

The main entrance, to the One Stop Shop and Offices, is opposite the walled garden. You can get to the main entrance from both Long Street (see By train - Long Street below) and South Street (see By Bus - South Street). This entrance is flat, there are no ramps and automatic doors.

Civic Suite Entrance

The second entrance, the Civic Suite entrance, is only used for evening meetings. It is situated on South Street. There are 2 steps or a ramp at the Civic Suite entrance and automatic doors.

Visitors to the Council House and Old Bank House

All visitors to the Council House have to report to the reception in our One Stop Shop where you will be asked to provide details of the person you are visiting, or meeting you are attending. If you have received a letter from us inviting you to an interview or meeting it is important that you bring it with you. You will be signed in, then collected from reception.

Last updated Thursday, 1st October 2020

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