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Emergency or contingency planning

Community Risk Register

Risk - what we are doing to identify possible causes of emergencies

Risk assessment is the first step in the emergency planning process and aims to identify those risks which could result in a major emergency in Warwickshire. Risk assessment is important as it enables us to ensure that our plans are sound and proportionate to the risks that exist in the Warwickshire area, and enable us to take preventative action if we need to.

The Warwickshire Local Resilience Forum publish a Community Risk Register each year that outlines the risks we face as a county. In putting the register together, experts from local authorities, the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, the health sector and utilities companies analyse each of the risks. They look at the likelihood of an event happening in Warwickshire and the potential impact if it did happen, using guidance from central government. This tells us the level of risk we face.

For more information on the Community Risk Register, please see Warwickshire Prepared Website.

View a copy of the updated Community Risk Register.

Last updated Monday, 9th March 2020

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