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Emergency or contingency planning

Emergency Plans

Response - how we plan to respond to emergencies

Once risk has been assessed we work to create plans and processes to enable us to respond to emergencies in efficient and effective ways.

Planning is an important part of our work. North Warwickshire Borough Council has its own Major Emergency Plan. This contains information and processes on how we will respond to emergencies of any kind (this is known as a "generic plan").

We also work with Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Council's Resilience Team and other agencies in the county to prepare what are know as "multi-agency plans". This means that we will be able to respond jointly in case of an emergency. We make these plans so that if there is a major emergency in the county, the people of Warwickshire are protected and essential services are restored as quickly as possible. Our plans detail how local services will work together to respond to any type of emergency.

Every plan is regularly updated, exercised and amended. Staff identified in plans are trained to ensure that they are competent to carry out their duties and understand their role in emergency response. Other staff not named in the plans but who may be called in to assist are also made aware of the response procedures and what their role could involve.

Last updated Monday, 9th March 2020

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