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BoroughCare 24 hour Telecare Alarm Services

Telecare Alarm

A Technology Enabled Care and Support (TECS) Service

What is the Borough Care alarm service?

Borough Care has provided North Warwickshire residents and their families peace of mind for over 25 years. Currently, over 2600 borough residents of all ages enjoy the reassurance of being able to get help quickly and easily 24/7 should an accident, sudden illness or other crisis occur in the home. This, along with Borough Care visiting officers providing information, advice and help to access the many statutory and voluntary services  and government agencies, ensures the Borough Care service plays a key role in maintaining peoples well-being and independence. 

The Borough Care annual report containing service performance information and news about the service can be downloaded here.

Who is the Borough Care service for?

The Borough Care alarm is for people of all ages living in North Warwickshire who feel they may be vulnerable, or have a medical condition or disability and consider a fast, simple method of summoning help would benefit them. The service is available to people living alone, couples and families regardless of whether they are owner occupiers, live in social housing or are private tenants.

How does the Borough Care alarm work?

The Borough Care alarm plugs into the telephone line socket and a nearby power point, and when the alarm button is worn as a necklace or on the wrist is activated from anywhere around the home, it connects to our 24/7 control centre in Atherstone. The operator immediately knows who you are and where you live. They will talk to you to find out what the problem is and help resolve it. Typically, this will mean calling an ambulance, GP, a carer, contacting family, or a Borough Care officer attending but may also simply be providing advice or information to you. Even if you cannot talk the operator will still know who you are and will get a responder to attend immediately to find out if all is well.

All alarm and telephone calls to the Borough Care service are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

How much does the Borough Care alarm service cost?

From April 2018 to March 2019 one standard charge of £3.50 + VAT* = £4.20 per week covers the complete service which includes the cost of the alarm equipment, its installation, any maintenance to the equipment should it be necessary, and the visiting and 24hr emergency response services.

The charge is payable by monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit.

*If you have a long term physical or mental impairment that substantially affects your ability to carry out everyday activities or a medically recognised chronic health condition you will not have to pay VAT. We will provide further details upon application.

How do I apply for a Borough Care alarm?

It is very simple. you can apply for the Borough Care service by phone, in writing, by e-mail or on line. Once we receive your application we will contact you by phone to ask a few brief questions and arrange for a member of the Borough Care team to visit you, usually within 5 working days, to explain all about the service and take personal details for example medical, contacts etc. Often the alarm can be installed during this visit if you wish to go ahead. So, all you need to do is:

Apply Online for Borough Care Service

Phone: 0300 790 6884


Write to: Community Support, North Warwickshire Borough Council, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone CV9 1DE

NB Please ensure you include your name, address and telephone number if applying by e-mail or in writing.  

Last updated Friday, 26th April 2019

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