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Superfast broadband - CSW Broadband project

Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire superfast broadband

The CSW Broadband project will bring improved broadband speeds across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire - particularly in the rural areas. Funded by Central Government and Local Authority money the targets are to achieve 90% coverage at superfast speeds (minimum 24Mbps) and 100% coverage at what is known as the Universal Service Commitment, meaning a minimum of 2Mbps up toSuperfast broadband 23.999Mbps.We have a full Frequently Asked Questions section, but these are the most commonly raised points:

What speed will I get?

It is impossible to say for certain at this stage as speeds will depend on your location, the type of connections you currently have to the exchange, your distance from the exchange, and other technical, geographic and topographic considerations. The more we know about where you are and the issues you face the better we can help to improve your speeds (see below). We have published maps, which will be refined and updated as the project progresses, showing our understanding of the status of each area: Latest Maps. Please read the explanatory text at the top of the map carefully as this will change over time.

When will I see an improvement?

The project is due to complete in 2015, and we expect to start making improvements in 2013. Information about what is happening now can be found here: What's happening now?

What should I be doing?

We have carried out a public consultation and have received good feedback. We have also been running surveys to find out what the specific problems are in each area and what speeds are really being achieved - suppliers will sell services on speeds of "up to" which rarely achieve their promises whereas we need to know what you are really getting.

We have over 200 Community Broadband Champions who have done a fantastic job of getting the message out into their communities. However we have a large area to cover so always need more Champions. To find our more visit our Champions pages:

Visit our Get Involved pages for more information:

  For more information visit:

Last updated Tuesday, 29th September 2020

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