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Great British Spring Clean

Great British Spring Clean is now postponed until September

Great British September Clean

The #gbspringclean has been RESCHEDULED to 11-27 September 2020

We back the annual national litter campaign. We are calling on #LitterHeroes across the country to help improve the environment on their doorstep.

Their aim is to inspire 500,000 people to join forces this year - in partnership with community organisations, businesses and the government - to collect and safely dispose of single-use plastic from our streets, parks and beaches, recycling as much as possible.

Litter remains a huge problem across the country, causing harm to the environment and wildlife.

  • Each month North Warwickshire Borough Council clears around 9 tonnes of litter and fly tips from public land and streets across the borough.
  • Councils in England are having to spend over £700 million on street cleaning services every year.

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How you can take part

Keep Britain Tidy are calling on individuals, volunteer groups, businesses and schools to do their bit in our Great British September Clean. If you haven’t already, get involved with the Great British September Clean and take advantage of the extra support and publicity that will be available to you.

You might like to consider hosting a clean-up in your local area, joining a clean-up that is already taking place, or lending your support in another way, such as picking up litter while walking the dog or on the walk to school.

You can also download posters from the Keep Britain Tidy website and help to promote the campaign in your local shops, supermarkets, libraries, community and leisure centres, Citizens Advice Bureau, schools and community notice boards.

The Great British Spring Clean is about getting all those people who care about their environment to take action.

We know that more than 50% of people are concerned about the appearance of their local area and so we want them to feel that they can do something about it and they are not alone in caring.

If 500,000 people help us pick litter for just two hours each that means that our country will benefit from one million hours of clean-up care.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton

How we can help you

If you would like to take part in the Great British September Clean please contact us by email

We will help you through the loan of equipment to help you in your work - whether it is bin bags or pick up sticks. But hurry – our equipment supply is limited and they are only available on a first come, first served basis so please contact us as soon as possible.

And don’t forget to register your involvement in the Great British September Clean online. This tells people what clean up events are taking place in their local area and helps Keep Britain Tidy to see just how many people are passionate about protecting and preserving their environment.

We hope that these activities will leave a legacy, that they will encourage more people to reduce their litter habit and prepare to stand together and declare that single-use plastic litter – which degrades the beauty of our environment and threatens to harm wildlife – is not acceptable.

Find out about your local Parish September Clean event

Many local parishes organise annual September Clean events, inviting local residents to get involved and help to keep their local community clean and tidy.

Confirmed litter picking events received so far include those in Curdworth and Maxstoke - but more are being added regularly so please check with your local Parish Council.

Contact my Parish Council

Share your clean on social media

Why not take before and after pictures so you can see your progress and the results of your hard work? Upload them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share them so that you can publicise your success #GBSpringClean

Last updated Wednesday, 18th March 2020

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