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Helping us with Heritage

New funding opportunity for North Warwickshire’s Heritage Towns

The Fund

A new funding stream, being administered by Historic England, called the High Street Heritage Action Zone Initiative has recently opened. The scheme forms part of the Government’s Future High Streets Fund launched earlier in the year, but is being administered as a separate funding programme aimed at supporting historic high streets.

The Heritage Action Zone Scheme aims to restore and enhance the local historic character of the high street, making it an attractive, engaging and vibrant place for people to live, work and play. The programme will fund physical repairs and reinstatement works to buildings in addition to supporting cultural events and activities through learning about the history of the high street and its importance to local communities.

North Warwickshire's applications for funding

North Warwickshire Borough Council are working on two applications, to this fund, which will focus on the Polesworth and Atherstone Conservation Areas. A key element is that the scheme is delivered in partnership with the local community and organisations, with NWBC acting as the lead partner. Clare Haines, Rural Regeneration Officer has said "We are asking for views on both Polesworth and Atherstone, opinions on how the high street could be improved and thoughts on specific project ideas." These ideas for projects can relate to a capital programme of repair or cultural and heritage activities.

How can I become involved?

Firstly, we would like you to complete a survey to provide us with your opinions on the heritage aspects of the towns. All surveys need to be completed by 5th July 2019.

Also, in the near future there will be a meeting for those interested in becoming partners and supporting the project. If you wish to take part in this then please get in touch with the Community Development Team.

More details on the fund can be found on the Historic England site.

More on Heritage

The Destination Management Plan 2017-2022 (DMP) identifies that heritage and history are key strengths that the two boroughs share.  The historical links including those to the Romans, the Battle of Bosworth and Henry Tudor are of national significance and key assets warranting greater awareness raising. This project will enable the exploration of these assets and develop activities that serve to educate and raise awareness of them.

It will draw together the many different stakeholders operating in the area, to provide them with a common purpose and focus.

Last updated Thursday, 20th June 2019

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