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The North Warwickshire Community Partnership

Developing healthier communities

Health is a key determinant of well being. It can enable or inhibit the quality of life more than any other factor. While health and social care make a contribution to health, most of the key determinants of health lie outside their direct influence. These include individual's local environment, living and working conditions, income, genetic factors and choices made, as well as opportunities taken about lifestyle. Housing which is in good condition and affordable is inextricably linked to good health and wellbeing.

The above issues are a challenge in their own right that will be exacerbated by an ageing population. We will need to ensure that we make provision for future demographic changes in our longer term planning for the Borough.

We believe we have a responsibility to local people to enable them to have their say, provide good quality health care and advice and encourage healthier lifestyles. The ability to have a say in and influence your environment is a key determinant of mental health and well-being. North Warwickshire scores well:

  • 85% of residents said they were satisfied with the area as a place to live,
  • 80% said they feel people from different backgrounds get on well together and
  • 65% feel very or fairly strongly that they belong to their immediate neighbourhood.

North Warwickshire still has some significant challenges ahead:

  • life expectancy in North Warwickshire is lower than the Warwickshire average
  • higher levels of people classifying themselves as not being in good health and above average early death rates from heart disease and strokes
  • rising levels of obesity
  • the number of people who smoke
  • the pressures of an ageing population who will need support to live independently
  • ensuring the availability of sufficient affordable housing and that properties are in a decent condition
  • despite a decrease in recorded crime, fear of crime and disorder remains a high community concern
  • the consumption of alcohol by young people and its associated link to anti social behaviour is often raised as a concern
  • the rates of hospital stay for alcohol related harm and rates of drug misuse are lower than national averages but there are concerns about the impact on some of our communities

The North Warwickshire Community Partnership will develop healthier communities by:

  • reducing the number of people who smoke
  • reducing obesity by improving diet, nutrition and increased exercise
  • tackling alcohol misuse amongst young people
  • reducing the impact of alcohol related harm and drug misuse on some of our communities
  • enabling people to have access to, choice and control over services provided to help them remain independent as they grow older
  • promoting active citizenship
  • supporting decent, affordable and sustainable housing
  • enabling people to feel safe and secure
  • planning for an ageing population

Last updated Thursday, 8th December 2016

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