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The North Warwickshire Community Partnership

Tackling Poverty

The rural nature of the area means that some people face a number of problems with accessing everyday services for example jobs, education, GP surgeries, shops and post offices. Compounding this issue is that some services are located outside the area, for example, the George Eliot Hospital. This can be a significant problem for people, who do not have their own transport.

Public transport is provided across the Borough although the frequency of the services and their routes will not meet everyone's transport needs. Access to information about public transport, cost and frequency of services are concerns.

Communication within North Warwickshire presents many challenges. There is no single newspaper or radio station that covers the whole area. Furthermore, broadband coverage and the speed of the connection are not always good.

Many people in North Warwickshire, particularly those living on low incomes, find it difficult to access mainstream financial services such as bank accounts and low cost loans, which can lead to financial exclusion and poverty. Access to affordable financial services is central to improving families' economic wellbeing.

North Warwickshire has some significant challenges ahead:

  • the provision of a greater range of access to services
  • transport links and communication
  • tackling financial exclusion

The North Warwickshire Community Partnership will improve access to services by:

  • being better informed about customer needs
  • supporting, developing and promoting greater access to a range of local services and job opportunities
  • building greater capacity in the communication network
  • tackling the causes of financial exclusion

By 2026, we will have:

Improved access to services

  • greater range of access to services
  • improved transport links and communication
  • increased prosperity for those on lower income

Last updated Thursday, 6th December 2018

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