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House in Multiple Occupation

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

From 1 October 2018 the criteria for a licensable HMO has changed to remove the 3 storey requirement. This means that any property, regardless of the number of storeys, that is let to 5 or more people, in 2 or more households, who also share some amenities such as bathroom/kitchen facilities, will require a HMO licence from the local authority.  

If you have a property that you believe may require a licence, or require clarification on whether your property falls within the new licensing criteria please contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

You can apply online using GOV.UK

Failure to submit a fully completed application form by 1 October 2018 will be an offence under the Housing Act 2004 and carries an unlimited fine on conviction in a Magistrates Court, or a Civil Penalty of up to £30,000 imposed by the Council.   The onus is on you as the landlord of the property to make your application before this deadline as no extension will be granted.   Please ensure the correct fee and required certificates are submitted with your application.

The Private Sector Housing Team is now accepting applications in advance of this deadline and we encourage you to apply as early as possible.   

This service is provided by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council on our behalf.

Last updated Tuesday, 18th February 2020

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