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Freedom of Information

Charges for Supplying Information


If information is readily available and all that is required is photocopying we may make a charge for photocopying. The actual fee depends on the amount of information you have requested. We will not normally photocopy publications which have been produced for sale. Where this is the case the publication will be charged for at the normal sale price. Where the information is already available in a priced publication from other sources we will give you details of the publication and where to get it. You will be advised of any charges following receipt of your request.

If you request information not available under the Publication Scheme, our aim is to make as much as possible available to you free of charge. However, where it will take time to gather or prepare the information you want, that is deemed to be over the prescribed limit (currently £450), we may refuse to supply the information or charge for that work. If your request does attract any charges we will ask whether you wish to continue with the request before we undertake the work.

No charges will be made where we refuse a request for information. Nor will there be a charge to appeal against our refusal to supply the information requested or where you appeal against the charges we would make. Where information is available and a charge is payable we will only provide the information after receiving the appropriate fee.

Re-use and copyright

You may use and re-use information that is released under an information request or available on our website (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium under the terms of the Open Government Licence, unless the Council indicates that restrictions apply. This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not being used in a misleading way. When the material is being republished or copied to others, the source of the material must be identified and the copyright status acknowledged by including the following attribution: “© North Warwickshire Borough Council, licensed under the Open Government Licence”.


Last updated Monday, 27th September 2021

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