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Equality and diversity

Equality Data and Community Profiles

The equal opportunity policy ensures that both in recruitment and employment people are not discriminated against on the basis of a protected characteristic. All areas of recruitment are covered from advertising a vacancy through to employment being offered. In employment there is equal treatment for promotion, training, discipline and all aspects of day to day employment.

Compliments and Complaints

The Council undertakes equality monitoring through its Compliments and Complaints Scheme. The information booklet includes a monitoring form, which is also part of arrangements for the submission of compliments and complaints on-line, through the website. Additionally, a majority of compliments and complaints are made by letter or telephone call rather than using the scheme form, and a monitoring form is not submitted in these cases. Equality monitoring information is collated each year for reporting to members of the Council. 

Knowing Our Communities

The Council has a significant evidence base to inform its equality priorities and objectives. The Local Community Partnership for the Borough has a data profile of the Borough containing information on the make-up of the population of the district, to support the Sustainable Community Strategy up to 2026. The data profile is supported by detailed ward profiles that bring together information at a local level, which we use to help inform our service delivery.

Warwickshire Insight Service is the home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people. We provide a centre of excellence in research,data collection and analysis, supporting evidence-based policy-making across the public sector in Warwickshire.

The Observatory aims to provide information and intelligence that:

  • Informs the development and review of social, economic and environmental policies and plans across Warwickshire
  • Increases understanding of local needs and helps improve the quality of services provided to Warwickshire's residents.
  • Improves the sharing of research, data and intelligence among partners and minimises duplication
  • Contributes to better quality of life for the people of Warwickshire

The Council has previously used resident surveys to assess satisfaction with its services, and to seek views and perceptions on the quality of life in the district. 

Diversity Profile for North Warwickshire.


Last updated Monday, 3rd February 2020

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