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Parking Places Order

Off Street Parking Places Order (2021)

Car Parking

North Warwickshire Borough Council are proposing a new Off Street Parking Places Order (2021) to replace the existing 2015 order. The proposed new order will

  • Operate under a Civil Parking Enforcement regime
  • Update the parking areas covered by the order
  • Introduce parking charges for some car parks
  • Provide at least one hour free parking in all car parks
  • Provide free parking for blue badge holders
  • Introduce electric vehicle charging points in some car parks


North Warwickshire Borough Council are carrying out a 3 week long public consultation on the proposals (Notice of Proposals) where the following documents may be viewed

  • Existing Parking Places order (2015)
  • Existing Parking Schedule
  • Previous Notice of Proposals (2014)
  • Proposed Parking Places Order (2021)
  • Proposed Parking Schedule to the order (2021)
  • Plans showing the effects to each car park 
  • Statement of Reasons (2021)

View Documents

Copies of the proposals for each individual parking area are displayed at each car park.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Council Offices are currently closed to the public, however If you wish to view a paper copy of the proposals, please request a mutually convenient appointment at


If you wish to object to or make representation regarding the proposals you must email the council stating the grounds for the objection at or write to:

The Parking Manager
North Warwickshire Borough Council
Council House
South Street

To arrive no later than 5:00pm on 29 July 2021

All objections and representations will be reported to the appropriate Council meeting for consideration.

Last updated Wednesday, 7th July 2021

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