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Health and Wellbeing Action Plan

Teen Pregnancy

Reduce the number of under 18 conceptions through the provision of supports services in North Warwickshire relating to teen pregnancy.

Work with the “Respect Yourself” team to raise awareness of its website and to develop student mentors in local schools. A student mentor would be available within one North Warwickshire secondary school and if successful, to have at least one student mentor within each secondary school.

Support the Addressing Teenage Conceptions (ATC) group in attendance at ATC meetings exploring the need to extend the Health Store service to a location in Atherstone, which would be available one day per week.

Investigate the viability of providing a series of sexual health and unplanned pregnancy programmes for students in local secondary schools. Work with the ATC to identify the most suitable programme(s), with a view to commissioning the delivery of a relevant theatre production in at least one local secondary school.

Last updated Thursday, 13th July 2017

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