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Health and Wellbeing Action Plan

Physical Activity

Increase the number of adults and children who are physically active and reduce the percentage of adults and children with excess weight

Support and promote the Fitter Futures services in North Warwickshire, including Physical Activity on Referral, Adult Weight Management and Family Weight Management working towards pre set targets of attendance. Investigate the viability of extending the Physical Activity on Referral service to include other activities through consultation with service users with the anticipation of extending the service to include at least one alternative activity in one leisure centre.

Continue to support the #onething campaign, including the desire to increase the number of health checks given to local residents working towards pre set targets of impact.

Provide a programme of school holiday provision for children and young people in the Borough Council’s leisure facilities making certain that investment is made in the promotion of the programmes to ensure awareness of the holiday programmes. Link with the Food Hub to provide water and health snacks during all holiday programmes.

Increase the number of members of, and visits to, the Borough Council’s leisure facilities, working towards pre set targets recommended through the Strategic Leisure Review.

Support and develop the existing network of local walking groups by creating a constitution of the walking groups and the continuum of walks available are from entry level to independent walks. Encourage the improvement and accessibility of the walking and cycling networks in North Warwickshire by re-establishing the North Warwickshire Cycle Way, reviewing accessibility of all the walking routes in the Borough and producing quality publicity to promote all accessible walking routes in the Borough.

Monitor and challenge the number of take-away food outlets in North Warwickshire by undertaking a mapping and analysis exercise of take-away food outlets in North Warwickshire and evaluating.

Last updated Friday, 14th July 2017

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