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Health and Wellbeing Action Plan

Health and Wellbeing Priorities

Work with internal and external partners to address health and wellbeing priorities for North Warwickshire

Work with Warwickshire North Health and Wellbeing Partnership to improve End of Life Care provision in North Warwickshire and support the “Compassionate Communities” initiative.

In conjunction with Warwickshire North Health and Wellbeing Partnership and NHSE seek to improve access to primary care services in North Warwickshire.

Work with Warwickshire North Health and Wellbeing Partnership to improve early referral to cancer services in North Warwickshire with focus on identifying the barriers to early referral to cancer services and disseminate the findings accordingly.

Work with Warwickshire County Council to improve transport and access to health services in North Warwickshire with particular emphasis on the countywide transport for health services and the work of Beeline.

Work with those Parish Councils in analysing Neighbourhood Plans to ensure the inclusion of commitments and links to promote/develop a healthy environment

Work with the Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Board and the Adult Social Care and Scrutiny Committee to ensure that the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) brings improvements to North Warwickshire.

Support the implementation of Warwickshire County Council’s Suicide Strategy in North Warwickshire

Work with Warwickshire County Council, The Partnership Trust and the West Midland Combined Authority in the implementation of their mental health strategies in North Warwickshire.

Influence the development and implementation of the Strategic Leisure Review in order to ensure provisions for the improvement of the health and wellbeing of local residents that will include the successful production of Health, Wellbeing and Leisure, Green Space, Playing Pitch and Leisure Facilities Strategies.

Work with Environment Health to improve and extend the monitoring of air quality in North Warwickshire to investigate the potential to monitor PM10 and PM2.5 and report on the Nitrogen Dioxide in North Warwickshire.

Support residents to live independently by providing an effective adaptations service and/or taking action to ensure that properties are in good repair and do not have significant hazards, as reflected in the national Decent Homes Standard. This would include actively promote the HEART service, promoting related services through the Community Hubs and providing training for frontline staff to provide links with health and social care services and priorities.

Underpin all services delivered with a philosophy of promoting positive mental wellbeing in all users of the service and in all staff working within the provider service. This should include encouraging frontline staff to complete the Five Ways to Wellbeing e-learning module, becoming Dementia Friends and completing MECC training

Last updated Thursday, 13th July 2017

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