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Applying for HS2 Funding - Ground Work


Community and Environment Fund (CEF) and Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF)

Groundwork is administering a combined total of £40 million of funding through two HS2 funds: the Community & Environment Fund and the Business & Local Economy Fund. The purpose of the funds is to support communities and local economies that are demonstrably disrupted by the construction of Phase One of HS2.

There are two types of CEF funding:

CEF LOCAL: UP TO £75,000

This fund focuses on quality of life and environment in individual communities.


This fund is for large projects across several communities that address strategic rather than purely local concerns.

Project Examples

  • Improving pedestrian, equestrian or cycle access
  • Landscape and nature conservation schemes
  • Sports facilities
  • Enhanced or new community facilities
  • Refurbishment of historic buildings and monuments
  • Improving public open space

HS2 Ground Works fund


£10,000 - £1 MILLION
Through this funding we are looking to fund interventions that support local economies. Primarily this funding programme is targeted at organisations which have formal objectives that support the development of local business /tourism.

Example Projects

  • Improving the local public realm or local cycling and pedestrian access
  • Events that increase footfall or promote business activity
  • Employment schemes
  • Town/village discount cards
  • Projects to increase tourist visits to an area

Further information and to apply

Please contact HS2 Ltd at or on 08081 434 434 if you would like a translated, large print or Braille copy of this information.

Last updated Wednesday, 28th April 2021

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