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Child protection services

Child Protection Policy

Policy and Principle Commitment

North Warwickshire Borough Council's Child Protection

Policy Statement

North Warwickshire Borough Council will ensure that its Councillors, staff and everyone associated with the provision of its services will take all reasonable steps to protect children and young people from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and that their rights, wishes and feelings will be respected.

This will be achieved by adopting the following key principles:

  • Promoting an understanding that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.  For services to be effective, each professional has to play their full part; and
  • Services must develop a child-centred approach.  For service to be effective, they must be based on a clear understanding of the needs and views of children and young people

It is essential that if children are to be given appropriate protection that all employees work together to achieve this and that this Council is able to integrate with other agencies such as the Police and Children's Team who have a statutory responsibility in this area.

A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 (The Children Act 1989).

The Council will achieve its goals by:

  1. Offering safeguards, as outlined in the Child Protection Policy, to the children with whom we work
  2. Ensuring that employees, volunteers and members of organisations taking part in Council activities or contracted to undertake work on behalf of the Council are appropriately; checked for their suitability to work with children by undertaking an applicable criminal record checks and training in child protection procedures
  3. Making appropriate resources available to ensure safeguards are in place
  4. Any other method which ensures the welfare of a child/children

Last updated Wednesday, 8th June 2016

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