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Street Cruising Injunction

Borough of North Warwickshire

North Warwickshire Borough Council has secured a High Court injunction against “street cruising” in its area for the next three years.

The injunction forbids people from participating in a “street cruise” within the Borough of North Warwickshire. It also stops anyone hoping to promote, organise or publicise in any manner, any street cruise within North Warwickshire.

The Injunction order has a power of arrest and was applied for following several incidents of street cruising over the last 3 years. Street cruising has impacted on local communities particularly in the Coleshill and Bassetts Pole areas.  It is a problem which crosses boundaries and similar Injunctions have been granted in Birmingham and Solihull.

Councillor David Reilly Chair of the Council’s Safer Communities Sub Committee and the North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership said “This is a massive step forward for road safety and dealing with anti social behaviour that badly impacts on our communities in North Warwickshire. North Warwickshire Borough Council is wholly committed to making our roads safer and tackling unlawful behaviours.”

Councillor Mick Stanley Opposition Spokesperson for Safer Communities commented that 

“This is great news for people in North Warwickshire. Over many years, some of our communities have had to put up with the disruption of car cruising which is not just noisy but also really dangerous. This injunction sends a clear message to those thinking of using North Warwickshire as a race track - it will not be tolerated.”

The Chief Inspector Safer Neighbourhoods North Warwickshire Daf Goddard added "Warwickshire Police welcomes this injunction being granted. Some of the activity experienced around Coleshill in particular has been both anti-social and a danger to other road users. This injunction should provide reassurance to residents across North Warwickshire that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated and can act as both a prevention and an enforcement tool."

Members of the public are urged to contact Warwickshire Police on 101 if they have any information on those involved in street-cruising in the borough. It's important to note details such as vehicle registration number, driver details, vehicle or bike details wherever possible and it is safe to do so.

Last updated Thursday, 2nd August 2018

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