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North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership

Warwickshire is one of the safest counties in the country and North Warwickshire has had low levels of recorded crime over several years.

The North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership includes a number of organisations working together to reduce crime and disorder across the Borough. The partnership includes North Warwickshire Borough Council, Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group and other health sector partners, Her Majesty’s Prisons and National Probation Service, Drug and Alcohol Services - Warwickshire Pathways  and many others.

The Partnership prepares an annual Strategic Assessment to inform the priorities for the year.  The Strategic Assessment includes an analysis of crime and disorder which identifies emerging trends and makes recommendations for priorities for 2021/22.

A copy of an Executive Summary of the 2021/22 Strategic Assessment can be found here.

The Partnership prepares a Partnership Plan taking into account the findings of the Strategic Assessment.  This plan sets out our priorities for the coming year up to April 2021. They are based on the findings of the North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment for 2021/22. We have set ourselves challenging priorities to protect our people and communities from violent crime, make our roads safer, prevent and reduce crime in our rural communities, and to prevent and help the police detect house burglary, vehicle crimes and robbery.

Our Priorities

North Warwickshire is a low crime area. However, we do experience crime and disorder problems and as a result the fear of crime amongst residents is often higher than we would hope.

Considering the findings of the North Warwickshire Strategic Assessment 2021/22 the following priorities for the year 2021/22 have been agreed by the North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership;

Core Priorities

Violent Crime

With a focus on knife crime, domestic violence and alcohol related violence.

Serious Acquisitive Crime

With a focus on residential burglary dwelling, vehicle crime and personal robbery.

Rural Crime

Based upon the rural and wildlife crime strategy definition.

Road Safety

With a focus on traffic accidents resulting in killed and serious injuries.

Cross Cutting Themes

There are cross cutting themes which we consider represent a risk to community safety in North Warwickshire.

These are:

  • Vulnerability and Exploitation – Activities to reduce individual and community vulnerability are a golden thread that weaves through all of our planning and interventions. Key amongst our interventions are: Protecting people from harm; tackling county lines drug dealing; and other reducing and mitigating risks associated with serious organised crime groups.
  • Reducing Re-Offending – The partnership will support the Warwickshire Reducing Re-Offending Strategy. Our aim is to stop offenders from committing crime by supporting a multi-agency enforcement activity and ensuring that all offenders can easily access support services to enable them to tackle problems of drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, benefits, and access to employment and education.
  • Improving Public Perceptions of Safety - The partnership will work to protect local communities from harm and empower individuals, parish councils and communities to protect themselves. We will also promote positive community safety and crime prevention communications whenever possible. This will follow the steer from research carried out by the National Policing Improvement Agency which shows that information about crime and policing positively informs and influences public perceptions about crime within their neighbourhoods

Areas of Concern

Concerns are issues that have been identified as emerging issues. They are actively monitored by the partnership:

  • Hate Crime - the partnership will support the county wide approach to tackle hate crime through the work of the Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership.
  • Prevent - the partnership will support the county wide approach to the Prevent strategy.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour - the partnership will monitor and where necessary respond to personal, nuisance and environmental anti-social behaviour including deliberate small fires

The Community Safety Partnership delivers local projects as detailed in the partnership plan and influences many of the county wide services to ensure residents in North Warwickshire get a fair share in service provision.

More information on Hate Crime and how to report it.

Last updated Friday, 30th July 2021

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