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Community Development Work

Arley and Whitacre

In February 2018 we ran a community cinema in New Arley with the aim of engaging members of the community who would like to make a positive difference in the community. Following the event we were approached by a member of the community with an interest in cinema and who wanted to support more community cinema events in the village. Working with the Big Local Development Officer (more details on this programme below) we worked together to set up a community cinema in August 2018 a double bill showing a children’s film in the afternoon and then a film for an older audience during the evening. The event was supported by the local WI who were raising funds for the Air Ambulance through he sale of refreshments. Close to £100 was raised for this great charity and the village hall welcomed well over 100 people to the events who all enjoyed the film and atmosphere.

Do you have an idea for your community and would like some help from the team to make it happen, please contact us on the details below.

Arley and Whitacre are lucky to have a BIG Local project running in their area and the team continue to support activities delivered through the project, keep an eye out for new and exciting projects coming for 2019.

Last updated Wednesday, 26th April 2023

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