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Community Development Work

Atherstone and Mancetter

Market Square

The team has been busy supporting community led activity in Atherstone and Mancetter, if you have an idea please get in touch!

Working with local businesses the team have been supporting the Atherstone Town Partnership with projects aimed at increasing the footfall in the town. The group have received funding to produce promotional maps of the town so that visitors can find their way around, the map also promotes the annual events in the town which do so much to support local businesses. In December 2018 the group came together to organise Atherstone's first Christmas Market.

In January 2018 a member of the community approached the team wanting to set up Atherstone Walking Football and following a bit of support the group are still running every Thursday from 18:30 to 19:30. We helped find an venue for the activity and provided some leaflets to promote the new sessions, the resident did the rest and the group now meet weekly and have even had some friendly matches against other walking football groups in the nearby villages. If you want to find out more about this group visit their Atherstone Walking Football Facebook page!

In December 2018 the team decided to offer the festive film to the residents in Mancetter, 60 members of the community shared the afternoon with us which included a special appearance from the big guy himself. The event was again used to find out what it is like living in Mancetter and we hope we will have some great community led projects being developed in Mancetter in 2019.

Do you live near to Meadow Street Gardens? We are working with the Friends of Atherstone Heritage to redesign the grassed area on Meadow Street.

**Do you live in Mancetter? Do you like running? We have been approached by a member of the public who likes to run but would like to find like minded people in the village, if that's you please get in touch with us on the details below.**

 Who in your community goes the extra mile? Learn more about our Mancetter Good Neighbour Scheme!

Last updated Wednesday, 26th April 2023

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