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Beware of bin climbing burglars!

Published on Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Please be aware that wheelie bins can be used by burglars to gain access to your property, To prevent this please make sure your wheelie bins are out of sight and secure it away till collection day.

Did you know that wheelie bins can be used in the following ways by burglars and criminals:

  • As climibing aid to help them gain access to you property helping them scale you garden wall or fence.
  • As an indcator to whether you are home. If they are left in the street it could indicate you're at work so ask a trusted neighbour to collect yours for you if possible.
  • As a removal aid to help take items away using your wheelie bin as a carrying cart.
  • To find out information about you, criminals will search through your wheelie bins to uncover any personal information they can for identity theft.
  • To start small fires, crminals can use the wheelie bins to set small fires which can spread out of control and damage your property and even endanger life.

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