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Travellers at Arley Update Wednesday

Published on Wednesday, 8th August 2018


The Travellers have left.

09:20 08/08/2018 - We have attended the site this morning and can confirm that the Travellers have moved off. Streetscape operatives are already on site and the clean up operation is in progress. Arley Sports Centre is OPEN AS USUAL - LOTS OF SPACES ON THE CHILDRENS 

22:27 07/08/2018 - We attended Coventry Magistrates’ Court this afternoon and obtained an Order for Removal of the Travellers forthwith.  A Bailiff has been instructed and he has attended the Council offices to collect copies of the Order and will be serving them on the travellers this evening.  If they fail to leave tonight, the Bailiff will attend tomorrow morning  to ensure they comply with the order to leave.

12:19 07/08/2018 - Arley Sports Centre will be CLOSED for the rest of today, Tuesday. The situation will be reassessed on Wednesday when the travellers are due to leave.

17:20 06/08/2018 - We can confirm that the travellers have now been served a summons to attend the Court hearing at 2pm in Coventry tomorrow where we will be making an application for an Order for their removal.

14:30 06/08/2018 - We are waiting for a signed summons to be returned from Coventry Magistrates’ Court.  When it arrives, depending upon availability of the Police, we will serve the summons on the Travellers, hopefully some time this afternoon (Mon 6th Aug).

The Court has indicated a listing time of 2 pm tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 7th August 2018) at Coventry Magistrates’ Court for our application for an order for the removal of the Travellers. That Order will need to be served on the Travellers and they will have 24 hrs to leave.  If they fail to do so voluntarily then we will instruct Bailiffs to attend the site.  We will contact the Bailiffs today to put them on notice.

16:20 02/08/2018 - NWBC, with Police attendance, served a notice this afternoon on all occupants of the site giving them until 5 pm tomorrow, Friday, to leave.  We will continue to monitor the site and list the matter in Court if the travellers don’t leave. 

09:20 02/108/2018 - We will visit the site today to start the process for recovering possession of the land.