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Hartshill Cattery has Licence Revoked

Published on Thursday, 13th September 2018

missing cat
Monty - missing cat

Holmleigh Cattery owner, Mr John Love pleaded guilty in Court this week to failing to comply with his licence after a family cat went missing whilst in his care.

A North Warwickshire Borough Council Environmental Health Officer received a complaint from a family whose cat had gone missing whilst being boarded at Holmleigh in July this year. The family were not informed that their cat had gone missing until they arrived to collect him and received conflicting information regarding how long the cat had been missing for.

An investigation found Mr Love had failed to comply with condition 38 of the licence (issued in January 2018) under the Animal Boarding Act 1963 which states the living compartments and exercise areas of the cattery must at all times be kept sufficiently secure to prevent the accidental escape of animals.  In this case, a door to the cattery had been left open allowing the cat to escape through an open window.

Steve Maxey Corporate Director for Environment said:  'This has been a distressing case for the owners of the cat involved, and North Warwickshire Borough Council has a duty to ensure that catteries and kennels are properly run so that pet owners can use them with confidence. This is not the first time we have had to take action in respect of this cattery and we are pleased that the licence to operate has now been removed by the Court'.

Nuneaton Magistrates Court took into account Mr Love’s guilty plea and also three previous convictions, one of which involved a cat escaping from the cattery, and issued a fine totalling £1,359.30.

The court also cancelled Mr Love’s current licence of keeping a Boarding Establishment with immediate effect until the licence expires on 31st December 2018.  The Court explained that Mr Love needed to take immediate action and make arrangements for any animals currently boarded to be moved out and cancel any future bookings.