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Notice of Highway Condition Survey - Water Orton

Published on Tuesday, 25th September 2018

In October and November 2018, we will be doing Highway condition surveys on selected roads in Warwickshire.

These surveys will assess the condition of the roads and measure traffic volumes for proposed HS2 construction vehicle routes. To obtain comparable data, we are also surveying some roads that are not planned to be used by HS2 construction vehicles.

Duration of work

  • The surveys will take place from early October, to the end of November 2018
  • Traffic count equipment will be installed and operated from 1st October to 28th October 2018
  • The FWD and coring surveys will take place between 9am to 4pm
  • The surveys will start in late October and will take around 15 minutes to complete at each location

What to expect

  • Slow moving survey vehicles, stopping occasionally to take readings or soil samples
  • Stop/Go traffic boards to safely manage traffic flow
  • Mini-cameras fitted to street furniture or loops across the roads.

Which roads will we survey

  • B4117 Watton Lane
  • Gypsy Lane
  • B4117 New Road
  • Plank Lane
  • B4118 Marsh Lane

How will this affect you?

There are a range of survey methods we will be using over this period.

Traffic Count Surveys

We will measure traffic volumes on selected roads using a combination of rubber loops placed across roads and installing cameras on street furniture. The cameras will be installed, monitored and removed within a 3 week period. All cameras will be positioned to face the road as their only use is to record traffic movements.
Falling Weight Deflectograph (FWD) Surveys
These surveys use a special vehicle that will stop periodically along selected roads to measure the strength of the highway. The vehicle will drop a small weight on the road surface and take measurements. We won’t be closing the roads we are surveying, but we will use stop and go boards to manage traffic flow.

Coring Surveys

These surveys will be undertaken using a small core drill to take soil samples, which will allow us to identify the material used to construct the road. Drilling will be limited to a few minutes per core sample and we won’t be closing the roads we are surveying, but we will use stop and go boards to manage traffic flow.
We will undertake further engagement at any locations where local residents may experience any impacts from these works.

If you have a question about HS2 or our works, please contact our helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or email