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Zero Council Tax increase for Borough Council

Published on Tuesday, 5th March 2019

Council Tax Bill

North Warwickshire Borough Council announced that there would be no increase in the Borough Council’s portion of the Council Tax at its meeting on Wednesday 20th February.

This is the fourth year in succession that the council has held their council tax element increase at zero, a period in which North Warwickshire has been one of the fastest growing local economies in the country, creating significant growth in jobs and greater prosperity.

Cllr David Humphreys, Leader of the Council, said; “The continued careful management of the finances has enabled the Council to ensure North Warwickshire will continue to maintain front-line services for the benefit of all residents across the Borough, remain a leading authority within the area and continually strive to improve life for all residents.”

The Borough Council will be issuing the Council Tax bills for 2019/20 in the next few weeks which will include the Council Tax collected on behalf of Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police and the Parish and Town Councils.   The County’s part of the overall Council Tax bill for social care, schools and highways and the Police are all set to increase as follows;

  • The WCC element of the bill has been increased by 4.99%  
  • The police element by 11.77%
  • The average Parish/Town Precept by 2.45%

The average charge for a Band D property is now £1916.05, up £93.30 on 2018/19 levels.