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Borough Care Saves the Day

Published on Wednesday, 13th March 2019

Borough Care is a 24 hour personal alarm service providing North Warwickshire residents and their families’ peace of mind that help is available should an incident occur in the home.

The Borough Care alarm not only protects people whilst indoors but also when they are in the garden as this recent incident shows;

Mrs B from Hartshill was enjoying an unseasonal warm afternoon whilst in her garden when unfortunately she fell and could not get up. She pressed her emergency button and although the Borough Care control centre operator could not communicate with her, as is the case for a “no response” call, the operator treated the call as an emergency and organised a response to immediately investigate why the alarm had been activated.

Mrs B’s daughter who lives close by was contacted and asked to check the situation, she found Mrs B on the floor in the garden with a very large black eye. Once informed of this the Borough Care operator requested an ambulance to attend to check Mrs B and ensure she hadn’t suffered any other injuries, and after being helped indoors she was able to recover from her ordeal at home. 

Councillor David Wright, Chair of Resources Board said; “This incident show just how vital this equipment can be to saving lives, because the lady had a Borough Care alarm and wore her pendant whist in the garden help was obtained very quickly preventing a more serious situation developing.

If you have a parent, relative or friend, or you yourself think it is a good idea, contact Borough Care today and find out how quick and easy it is to install a Borough Care alarm.”

Mrs B’s Daughter said; “Mum had fallen in the garden and I was able to go round to her house and look after her until the paramedics arrived. Without the service she may have perished as she lives alone and it became dark and cold and she was unable to get up.

The alarm and service should be used by more people. It is a lifesaving service delivered by professional, compassionate people and needs to be actively promoted.”

More information about the service can be found here: