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Council set to introduce charge for Garden Waste Collection

Published on Tuesday, 11th February 2020

green bin

From 1st June 2020 North Warwickshire Borough Council will no longer provide a free green bin collection service. A new opt-in charge of £40 per year per bin is being introduced.

The opt-in charge will apply to all green bins however residents can choose whether they wish to sign up or not. Members agreed to introduce the charge at the Executive Board meeting last night, 10th February 2020.

While Councils are not obliged to collect garden waste separately, North Warwickshire has provided a free garden waste collection service for several years. However, ever increasing pressures on budgets have meant that the Council has had to make difficult decisions regarding spending on discretionary services (services which the Council has no legal duty to provide).

Recognising that green bin collections are valued by many residents the decision has been made to provide an opt-in chargeable service rather than withdraw the service altogether. As the opt-in service will apply to all green bins, as the situation now, residents can have more than one green bin, there will be a £40 per year charge for each green bin requested.

Cllr Margaret Bell, Chair of the Community & Environment Board said; “Two thirds of local authorities in England charge for garden waste collection, including many of our neighbouring districts and boroughs. This is not a decision the Council have made lightly but, unfortunately, it was a case of introduce a charge for the service or lose it altogether. I feel the £40 per year charge is reasonable and represents good value for money. If residents do not wish to sign up for the Garden Waste Service, there are other options available such as home composting and taking garden waste to a household waste recycling centre.”

Current green bin collections will be unaffected until 1st June 2020. More information about the chargeable service and alternatives to using the service will be made available in due course with sign up expected to open from April 2020.

The Garden Waste Collection Service is subject to approval at Full Council on Wednesday 26th February 2020