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Council Tax increase in North Warwickshire

Published on Thursday, 5th March 2020

For the last five years North Warwickshire Borough Council have not increased council tax, contributing to a saving of over £1 million for residents.

Nationally the costs of goods and services, as measured by the Retail Price Index, has gone up by 2.2%.  For this coming year 20/21 we will be setting an inflationary increase in your council tax precept, which will equate to a £5 a year rise in the council tax for a Band D Property. 

View your council tax charges for 2020/21 

Council Leader David Humphreys said;

“This year we announced a Climate Change Emergency in North Warwickshire.  To do our part we are making significant investment in how we recycle our plastics and other waste materials to reduce the amount of our rubbish going to landfill.   Following the example of most of our neighbouring local councils, we have now reached the point where we have to charge for Green Waste collections.   I am sorry about this, but we have done all we can to avoid a charge.  Please be assured that we are fundamentally committed to doing all we can to protect the environment.

The coming three years are an exciting and challenging time for our community.  We will revitalise and modernise our leisure facilities; we want to make major improvements to the A5 and to invest in the communities it serves; and we will continue to do all we can to support vulnerable members of our community and grow jobs and opportunities for the residents of North Warwickshire.  Without doubt with the announcement of HS2 we face some major challenges, but we are up to the task.”