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Council Issues ambitious Corporate Plan to tackle challenging times ahead

Published on Wednesday, 11th March 2020

North Warwickshire Borough Council has published it’s Corporate Plan this week, a detailed strategy that will focus on saving money, improving services, investing in transport and parking, supporting job opportunities and protecting our environment.

The Council has delivered savings and managed the reduction in its resources well over recent years. Going forward, further savings are essential to maintain the current level of service. In addition, the Council needs to increase income in order to meet the ambitious programme set out in the Corporate Plan to renew facilities in the area.

In particular, the plan also details exciting plans for improving the leisure and wellbeing opportunities in the Borough with a decision to be made by September on future facilities. A Community Fund of £300,000 has also been announced for projects on the ground in communities.

There is also a huge focus on the protection and increase of the Green Belt as far as possible and how to sustain the rurality of the Borough. Key to this will be even more enforcement of planning and environmental protections.

The Borough Council is also due to launch its plans in respect of Climate Change. Whilst the Council only emits a small proportion of the carbon in the Borough, it will work with communities and partners to play our part in reducing the risk of significant temperature rises.

Leader of the Council, Councillor David Humphreys said:

We have to face up to the challenge of changing the way the Council works and have a plan for dealing with it. All parts of the public sector face the same challenge of reduced budgets and increasing demand for services. This makes the need for change, in both how the Council operates and how our services are provided, an absolute necessity. We have done what we can to maintain services up to this point. We’ve reluctantly had to follow suit with other councils an implement a charge for Green bin collections, not a decision we’ve taken lightly.”

“However, we will continue to look after these resources responsibly, revitalising and modernising our leisure facilities. We want to make major improvements to the A5, and to invest in the communities it serves. We want to ensure management of parking is transferred to the local Councils and we will continue to do all we can to support vulnerable members of our community and grow jobs and opportunities for the residents of North Warwickshire.  Without doubt with the announcement of HS2 we face some major challenges, but we are up to the task.”