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COVID cases still rising - email and text alerts

Published on Friday, 20th November 2020

We will be sending email and text alerts to areas of the borough that have particularly high rates of the Coronavirus.

North Warwickshire’s rate of COVID infection is continuing to rise steeply and the Borough has not yet seen any impact from the national lockdown measures brought in on 5th November.

The Borough’s rate of infection on 5th November was 284 cases per 100,000 population and the current rate is 413, higher than both Birmingham and Coventry!

North Warwickshire Borough Council is concerned that these figures are not coming down and is asking residents to continue to reduce the number of people they are coming into contact within order the stem the rates of infection. As well as the overall number of infections, the Borough Council is concerned about the higher than average infections amongst the over 60 population as there is a much higher risk of people needing hospital care in that age group.

The Borough Council is also concerned that if figures do not come down then the national lockdown measures will not be relaxed, or even if they are North Warwickshire will come out of the lockdown into a very high ‘tier’ of restrictions, which means that fewer business and venues will reopen.

Daily and Cases by area (last 7 days)

Daily and 7 day rolling case data is available at  

For the Cases by area (last 7 days) go to the above link, then scroll down to 'Cases by area (last 7 days)' click on Lower Tier LA and find North Warwickshire in the list.

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