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North Warwickshire aiming for Tier 2

Published on Tuesday, 1st December 2020

North Warwickshire Borough Council has welcomed the sharp reduction is rates of COVID 19 infection that has taken place since the recent lockdown but warns there is more to do before the pubs and other parts of the hospitality industry can reopen.

Rates have fallen from 409 per 100,000 people to just over 200 in less than a fortnight but cases in North Warwickshire are still above the country’s average. North Warwickshire Borough Council is engaging with Government on a regular basis to press for the area to be moved into tier 2 of the new restrictions but needs the case rate to continue to fall to back that lobbying up.

Speaking on the day before the new tier arrangements come into force, Leader of the Council David Wright said; “Our residents have done a great job in starting to get this virus back under control and I’m grateful for all the many sacrifices that will have involved. I’ve said before how disappointed I was for our area to be placed into tier 3 and we have made our case very strongly to the Government. Work continues to ensure Government understands what’s happening in our areas and hear our case loud and clear but we need the figures to continue to fall to make that case even stronger.”

The Council therefore is continuing to ask residents to reduce the number of people they come into contact with, giving people plenty of space by keeping at least 2 metres away, washing hands regularly and using face coverings where appropriate. Those over 60 years old and anyone with a serious health condition need to take particular care. The Council continues to support the impressive work of volunteer groups to support people particularly affected by COVID and has moved quickly to pay additional grants to businesses. In addition to the £13m given out to over 1100 earlier in the year, the Council has now paid out 263 further grants worth £407,000 in the last two weeks. Businesses are urged to visit the Council’s website and the scheme is also open to charitable organisations with strong local links.