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Appeal to local people to help limit disruption and criminal damage linked to protests

Published on Monday, 11th April 2022

People living in the Kingsbury area are being urged to help police limit disruption and criminal damage linked to protests in the area.

Proactive policing at the weekend led to officers intercepting and arresting protestors who they believed were going to attempt to close a local road.

Warwickshire Police are urging local people to be alert and report anything suspicious to police by calling 101 and saying their report is linked to Kingsbury protests. Reports can also be made by going to

Officers have confirmed there were 34 arrests over the weekend linked to the protests. The area was cleared by 9pm last night (Sunday 10 April).

Assistant Chief Constable Ben Smith said: “There remains a large police presence in the area and we can respond quickly to any concerns around suspicious activity.

“We continue to be proactive in identifying people we suspect are intent on committing criminal activity and taking appropriate action. This approach undoubtedly helped to reduce disruption to businesses in the area at the weekend.

“Local people are our eyes and ears in the local community and the information they provide could help us to intercept people intent on criminal activity.

“I would like to reassure local people that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes with local, regional and national partners to secure a long-term solution to the ongoing disruption and criminal behaviour.”