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Statement from the Leader: Travellers at Mancetter Recreation Ground

Published on Tuesday, 23rd August 2022

Councillor David Wright, Leader of the Council issues a statement in regard to the Traveller encampment at Mancetter Recreation Ground.

Councillor David Wright said:

"North Warwickshire Borough Council is extremely disappointed with the unlawful trespass that continues to take place at the Mancetter Recreation Ground and we are doing all we can to resolve this situation and return the use of the area to local residents as soon as possible.

Officers acted quickly on Friday night to serve the initial notices to leave around 7:30pm on Friday evening. We have to allow some time for the trespassers to leave and gave a deadline of Monday lunchtime. As caravans and vehicles remained after this time, the Council has now applied to the Court for the necessary Orders to take back possession of this important community assets and we will attend at the earliest hearing the Court will give us.

The disruption to the local community in not acceptable. The Council spends considerable time and money on our open spaces and play areas and to have them not available to the public, even for a short period, is very frustrating. We take what measures we can to protect against unauthorised use but open spaces are difficult to protect, particularly when barriers are criminally damaged as was the case on Friday afternoon.

This is particularly annoying given that the Council works hard to discharge its duty to provide an appropriate level of sites for travellers through the planning system, ensuring there are the necessary pitches of the right type and in appropriate locations. To then suffer this loss of community facilities is not fair when the Council is doing all it can to provide appropriate residential sites."