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Police Helicopter catches Fly tippers in the act

Published on Thursday, 29th September 2022

flytippers caught

Successful prosecution by North Warwickshire Borough Council

Mr Alex Donal DOB 06/02/1993 of Boswell Drive, Coventry and Mr Carl Harridence, DOB 18/10/98 of Bronte Walk, Coventry attended Coventry Magistrates Court yesterday 28/09/2022 and pleaded guilty to offences under s33 Environmental Protection Act 1990 ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £830.00 each.

Mr Donal and Mr Harridence were caught depositing a transit van load of waste consisting black bags and cardboard boxes containing soil, metal, and ceramics onto rural wooded land at Burrow Hill Lane, Corley on 19th November 2021.

A Police Helicopter had been deployed in the area on an unrelated matter and the Technical Flight Operator observed a stationary van in the wooded area and recorded the incident on the aircraft’s video and thermal imaging cameras. 

There was a police vehicle close by that attended within 2 minutes and pulled in front of the van.  At this stage the van reversed, and the two males got out and started to put the waste back in the van.

The Court took into account everything the Defendants had to say about the matter, their personal circumstances, income/savings and concluded that it was a deliberate act with no clear up costs.  After giving credit for early guilty pleas, the Court imposed the following sentence on each Defendant:

Fine                                                                             £   500.00

Legal Costs                                                                  £   125.00

Investigation costs                                                       £   155.00

Victim Surcharge                                                         £     50.00

Total                                                                           £   830.00 each

Leader of the Council Cllr David Wright said: “North Warwickshire Borough Council is delighted with this verdict, which has been very timely as we are currently hosting a partnership week of action to combat fly tipping. We are very grateful to the Police officers involved in this case and the outcome will hopefully come as a stark warning to those who are considering fly-tipping and highlight that the council investigates all reports and will not hesitate to prosecute.”