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North Warwickshire Borough Council is supporting its employee’s financial wellbeing

Published on Wednesday, 12th October 2022


Citysave recently visited North Warwickshire Borough Council House to attend the Cost-of-Living Engagement Forum

Citysave recently visited North Warwickshire Borough Council House to attend the Cost-of-Living Engagement Forum with several other support agencies in the region.

At the event the Chief Executive for the council Steve Maxey pledged to join Citysave saying, “The council is very proud of the employee benefit scheme in place with the Citysave helping to support our employees with their financial products and services. Making it easier for employees to save and build up financial resilience is fundamental part of our wider employee wellbeing agenda. I hope by becoming a member of Citysave I can encourage other staff in the council to do the same.”

Sean Lynch – CEO of Citysave attended the event with his colleague to distribute information about how the credit union can have a positive impact on both the local community and the employees of North Warwickshire Borough Council.

Sean said “Citysave has been operating for 34 years and is now one of the largest credit unions in the region. We have a rich history of supporting council employees as we were originally founded by Birmingham City Council Employees. Financial resilience is very much in the spotlight currently, the products and services Citysave offer tackle that issue directly. It is such a powerful statement to get the Chief Executive joining the credit union and becoming part of our story”

The Money and Pension Service released research on 27th September 2022 – Nation of Savers: A report from the UK Adult Financial Wellbeing Survey which stated: “Being a ‘regular saver’ is an important steppingstone to improving financial wellbeing. In conjunction with other attitudes and behaviours with money, it can make a big difference to people’s lives” -

The article goes on to state: “In the delivery plans for the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing, we are focused on taking forward three recommendations to build a Nation of Savers among working age adults on low-to-modest incomes” one of which is expanding the provision of workplace (payroll) savings.

Citysave has been working with employers across the Birmingham and Warwickshire region for 34 years. The scheme is completely free, and the Credit Union handles most of the admin.

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